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2008-11-02 08:54:24 by gekko007

banned again :(

well, more time to waste on coding.
i should really read more on A*...

so, what do YOU do when you're banned?

PS except for wanking


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2008-11-02 10:35:25

Yeah, it sucks being banned, but you already knew that.
Once, I was banned for 30 days, ironically by my favorite mod, Rage VI. I spent that month furiously masturbating to his profile pic.

gekko007 responds:

you didn't read the PS :'(

but, that is indeed the best way...


2008-11-03 19:07:01

d00d we got the Halloween 2008 collection!

gekko007 responds:

i know, right :D


2008-11-04 17:39:31

Refresh and watch my ban time go down...